Historical Roofing Takes a Little Extra Care

Let our experts provide excellent historical roof repairs in Charlottesville, VA

Owning a historical property is exciting, but getting repairs done for it is not. Thankfully, Askew's Roofing Solutions handles historical roof repairs in Charlottesville, VA. Our professionals understand the unique challenges we may encounter when working with historical roofing materials, and we'll do everything we can to preserve and protect the original state of the property.

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What's on your roof?

Historical buildings may or may not be crowned with modern roofing materials. For instance, many Victorian-era homes were built with materials that are no longer common. These include:

  • Clay tiles
  • Wooden tiles
  • Metal shingles

Even if the original roofing materials are no longer available, our experts will help you decide on a material that still suits the home and will keep your family dry. For more information on historical roofing, reach out to us now.